Putin in ‘staggering’ blunder as Russian army fails ‘basic standard’ with war strategy

Russian army warfare failing at 'basic' warfare says expert

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The retired General discussed a few ways that Vladimir Putin’s troops were failing. Mr Petraeus pointed out what Russian troops were getting wrong, as they were not taking cover during the military invasion. As we enter the third week of the war, military figures have been speculating as to why Putin’s invasion has been taking so long to record any progress of note. Images of Russian troops moving slowly in cluster groups have been picked up by drones and satellites, making it easy for Ukrainian military forces to attack them from their position.

Mr Petraeus told CNN host Anderson Cooper: ” Well it’s really just adhering to normal standards that they should have been adhering to all along.

“The standards to which our soldier’s train is that when you stop you don’t stay at a road.

“You don’t stay visible to anything from the area you pull into cover.

“Whether it’s into trees or whatever you can find, you certainly don’t stay again exposed, the way that they were for so many days.

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Mr Petraeus added: “It was really again staggering that, that happened.

“And you saw in the footage that you’re showing right now in fact another case where an armoured battalion is caught in the open.

“Apparently by a drone that appears to be filming this, may have been directing the fire as well.

“And again it’s unconquerable that this would happen, they’re also bunched together as you can see.

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The former CIA chief added: “You would always want to stay much further apart than that.

“So again, these are basic standards, that clearly have not been established.

“And may not be performing in accordance of what normal standard would be for our forces.”

British Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace uttered suggested Russia would be unable to sustain a long-term occupation of Ukraine due to the fierce resistance Ukrainians have shown they can exhert.

Mr Wallace said: “The cost for Putin is not just in the invasion, it’s going to be in the decades of occupation which I don’t think he’ll be able to sustain.


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“I think we’ll see him and his forces already, exhausted.

Mr Wallace added: “And if you think it takes 150,000 as he thinks it does to invade a country where he was arrogantly thinking they would welcome him as a liberator, you try occupying a country the size of France and Germany put together with 44m. 

“This will be Putin’s end, this country and so it should be.

“Because if not only their spirit and their moral component that they have on their side, the Ukrainians but also because it will be an impossible task to occupy such a people and a country.”

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