Putin is using three body doubles who have had plastic surgery to look like him

Vladimir Putin is currently using at least three body doubles who have had plastic surgery to look like him, says Ukraine's head of military intelligence.

Stoking further speculation over the Russian despot's health, Major General Kyrylo Budanov said Putin doubles have long been used to stand in for the Russian President on special occasions, but they have now become standard practice.

Budanov said: "We know specifically about three people that keep appearing, but how many there are, we don't know?

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"They all had plastic surgery to look alike.

"The one thing that gives them away is their height. It's visible in videos and pictures. Also gesturing, body language and earlobes, since they are unique for every person."

Budanov, labelled Moscow's public enemy number one by Russian officials for his military effectiveness, also speculated if the doppelgangers are being used to cover up Putin's loss of power in the Kremlin, reports MailOnline.

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The regular use of Putin lookalikes could indicate the war-mongering tyrant may not be making key military decisions, Budanov also suggested by way of explaining Russia's shambolic and mistake-pocked military strategy.

He told the paper that Ukraine officials were confused by Russia's disastrous plan of attack as it "does not follow any logic", and "no matter how bad" Mad Vlad was, he was "not an idiot".

Budanov said: "The big question is whether the real Putin still exists?"

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While Budanov wouldn't comment on whether or not the despot had disappeared through an illness or as a result of a power struggle, his comments enflame rumours over Putin's health and state of mind.

Putin has been plagued by health rumours since the start of his invasion of Ukraine, with many speculating initiating the nonsensical war was the act of a dying or addled man.

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Most recently, Daily Star reported that in a Kremlin-approved footage, a mark seen on the back of Putin's hand could have been made from an IV drip, as he grabbed one of his soldiers.

The footage has since been removed from circulation, which only added to its controversy.


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