Putin nightmare as FSB office inside Russia pummelled by Ukrainian strike

Ukraine destroy a Russian boat using a kamikaze quadcopter

A Ukrainian drone attacked an administrative building in the Central District of Kursk, Russia, said regional governor Roman Starovoyt.

He wrote in his Telegram channel: “The roof was slightly damaged. Officers from the operational services went to the scene.”

Meanwhile, a military intelligence source told RBC Ukraine it was a “direct hit”.

The governor did not provide information about the presence or absence of victims.

The drone struck a building of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, news agency UNIAN and media outlet Hromadaske reported, citing their sources.

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Kursk is celebrating City Day today. Starovoit congratulated the residents of the administrative centre, saying: “Despite all the difficulties, our city continues to develop.” Celebrations are taking place in the city, and a fireworks display is planned for the evening.

Since the start of the Russian war on Ukraine, authorities in border regions regularly report shelling and drone attacks. In recent months, drone attacks in Russia have become more frequent.

On the night of August 20, a drone crashed into the roof of a railway station in Kursk, resulting in a fire there.

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The roof, facade and first platform of the station were damaged. The blast wave also damaged the pedestrian tunnel and waiting room. At the time of the explosion, there were about 50 passengers in the station building, they were evacuated, Starovoit specified.

According to him, five people were injured: they had minor shrapnel wounds. Two refused medical care, three were taken to hospitals and, after examination, were released home.

A week later, a drone crashed into a multi-storey building in Kursk, and several windows in the building of the engineering faculty of Kursk State Agrarian University were damaged by the blast wave. According to the governor, there was no fire and no residents were injured.

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