Putin STOPS gas deliveries – but just how much of UK’s energy does Putin control?

Putin given 'vast power' over European economies says expert

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Russian gas is now no longer going to Europe, as state-owned supplier Gazprom has ceased deliveries. The company has stopped gas passing though the Yamal pipeline via Poland. And half as much is coming through Ukraine to Austria and southern Germany.

How much UK energy does Vladimir Putin control?

Russia is a major energy supplier for Europe, with 43 percent of member states receiving supplies from the country. 

But that role has long been questioned by members, who have expressed their reservations for more than a decade as Mr Putin continues to exert control over eastern Europe. 

In the UK, the share of gas bought from Russia is comparatively low. 

The UK sources most of its gas from the North and Irish seas, which account for approximately 40 percent. 

The rest comes from a patchwork assortment of European providers.

Norway provides most from the continent via a North Sea pipeline, and the Netherlands and Belgium come a close second and third. 

Russia is among countries that supply among the least, accounting for approximately five percent of the UK’s usage. 

Much like the rest of Europe, that gas comes from Gazprom, the continent’s leading supplier from Russia. 

In 2019, Gazprom delivered 10.32 billion cubic meters of natural gas (BCM) to the British market. 

The company’s sales volume to “end consumers” in the same year amounted to roughly 4.9 bcm. 

the volume of gas sales to end consumers in the UK through the Gazprom Marketing & Trading Retail subsidiary amounted to about 4.9 BCM.

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