Putin’s attack dog vows to ‘burn Ukraine to the ground’ if it takes ‘decades’

Moment Ukraine bomb obliterates Russian command post

Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man Dmitri Medvedev has vowed that Russia will conquer Ukraine even if it takes decades.

In what appeared to be a thinly veiled threat against the West, Russia’s former president painted Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as an existential crisis for Moscow.

“We must not stop [the war] until the current, inherently terrorist Ukrainian state is completely dismantled. It must be destroyed to the ground…so that even the ashes from it do not remain,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram.

The bizarre rant continued with Medvedev calling Ukraine an “abomination” while he suggested the West would get tired of the war and abandon Ukraine.

He then appeared to allude to nuclear war with NATO suggesting if Russia was destroyed the West would “perish with us”.

He added: “If it takes years or even decades, then so be it. We have no choice: either we will destroy their hostile political regime, or the collective West will eventually tear Russia to pieces.”

The comments come amid Western announcements of more support for Ukraine.

Denmark and the Netherlands have said they will supply Kyiv with F16 fighter jets – something Ukraine has been asking for since the beginning of the war.

However, those planes require pilots and analysts have suggested that they likely won’t be used until next year.

Currently, Ukraine is engaged in a brutal counteroffensive against dug-in Russian defenses.

Although Kyiv has made some gains, Western officials have privately voiced concerns that Ukraine will not meet its major objectives such as severing the land bridge between occupied Crimea and Russia.

The Kremlin appears to be betting that it can outlast Western will to support Kyiv – something echoed in Medvedev’s comments – but Moscow’s forces are also taking heavy losses.

In addition, Ukraine has stepped up a campaign of drone attacks inside Russia – particularly against Moscow. The attacks bring the war home to Russians who are already suffering under crippling Russian sanctions with the Ruble in free fall.

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