Putin’s ‘ghost buses’ carry bodies of dead Russians through street in eerie clip

This is the haunting moment a column of buses reportedly carried the bodies of Russian soldiers through the streets of Belarus.

The eerie footage was taken from Gomel, in southeastern Belarus, close to the border with Ukraine where Russia invaded a month ago.

"It is not very clearly visible — but eight sanitary buses are moving…" one voice can be heard saying in the background.

At least three green buses marked with "V" signs are seen passing through the empty street, and it is believed that the "cargo" came from battles with the Ukrainian army in the Chernihiv region.

"I can see them bringing in a stretcher; I guess there are both wounded, and Cargo-200 [Russian lingo for those killed in battle],” said the man.

However other sources dispute that these buses with blotted windows and displaying the V-insignia are makeshift ambulances, and believe them to be macabre hearses packed with coffins en route to devastated bereaved families in Russia.

Gomel’s hospitals are already filled with Russian soldiers wounded in the war.

Referring to young soldiers deployed by Vladimir Putin, the video commentator says: "The wounded are ‘children’, young men born in 2003.

“They are all last autumn's conscripts, and they get delivered here without eyes, ears, with their intestines twisted."

Some buses in Gomel have brought the wounded and maimed — rather than the dead from Putin’s war.

“They had to be hose-washed from blood,” according to one account.

“Most of these young men are incredibly hungry, saying they haven’t eaten properly for a week.

“Whoever could walk was sent to buy extra instant noodles for the wounded.

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“The hospital staff is shocked."

This came after Ukrainian officials confirming that the country is offering deals to make Russian troops surrender.

One Russian soldier was offered the chance to receive a citizenship alongside thousands of pounds after surrendering a tank to military forces in Ukraine.

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