Putin’s missile team ‘on dating sites’ whilst ordering Ukraine blitz

Secret Russian unit disguised selves to launch missiles on Ukraine

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Mr Grozev found Vladimir Putin’s secret team had been trading coin collections and using dating sites in between programming missiles to be launched on places like kindergartens in Ukraine. The investigative journalist explained that members of the team had been masquerading as “pig farmers and florists” after being provided with a secret identity by the Russian Government. The investigative journalist also claimed that Putin’s secret team were responsible for some of the significant missile attacks on Ukraine.

Mr Grozev told CNN: “And we found that some of them actually are described by their friends in phone sharing books, apps that are very popular in Russia as people working at the unit called the GDC.

“The GDC in Russia transcribes as the central computation institute, which is sort of an IT support system in the ministry of defence.

“But it didn’t make a lot of sense that we have so many rocket scientists and missile specialists which are working in an IT support structure. So we had this early hypothesis that they are involved in exactly this.”

Mr Grozev added: “We obtained a lot of phone records metadata from the Russian black market and we found exactly what we expected, that there are peaks of communication between this group of people, at the time just before some of the most significant launches of missiles at Ukraine.

“We needed to understand how they’re doing it so we tracked their communications for about six months now and we were able to not only identify all of them, we believe.

“But also put them in specialisations, some of them are only working with the calibre missiles and so forth.”

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He continued: “First of all we tried to approach each of them and we got sort of a response from the first one, who admitted essentially that he’s working at that department.

“And all the other ones received apparently, pre-fabricated lies that they were supposed to deliver to us, one of them was a pig farmer and the other one was a florist.

“They claimed that they have never been in a military establishment, despite us showing them photographs of them, themselves in military uniform.

“But what really was shocking is that as we can see from a lot of comm-communication while at work while targeting missiles they were also doing extraneous things like hobbies, like collecting coins and some of them were even on dating sites while the missiles that they had just programmed were flying in the direction of kindergartens.”

Putin ‘backing himself into a corner’ says expert

The Russian leader has been upping the ante in Ukraine in recent weeks and has been targeting civilians and critical infrastructure in Ukraine. 

Putin has also been trying to bolster his army in Ukraine and has reportedly deployed Russian prisoners amid his campaign to replenish ranks with 300,000 new conscripts.

Despite his efforts, however, local reports have been emerging claiming that Russian soldiers are growing tired and losing morale on the battlefield.


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In a leaked conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife, the serviceman could be heard losing his temper due to having to operate faulty military tanks in Ukraine: “Write to the Ministry of Defence, to the prosecution, that the tanks are defective.”

“Our tanks are not working, they stall every 50 metres, for f***s sake – we can’t do anything about it. 

“They’re sending the boys to slaughter, who are falling down in the fields, the corpses – and no one allows us to pick our soldiers up, can you imagine?”

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