Queen mourners left ‘retching’ over stench of portable toilet for those in queue

Thousands of mourners wanting to pay their respects to the Queen during the lying-in-state event have been complaining in their droves about a huge issue they've found while waiting in the queue.

The queue, which has seem some well-wishers waiting for more than 30 hours to see Her Majesty's coffin, takes a stop by a series of portaloos.

And according to Dr Ellie Cannon, who was in the queue from around 10pm on Wednesday (September 14), the stench coming from them was unbearable.

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She tweeted, at 5.41am: “To add insult to all the queuing public the whole of the gardens smells of overused portaloos.

“So bad people are wretching and using facemasks.”

And when someone said that this news was going to put someone off joining, she added: “You can do 'dissection breathing' like I did, and don't breathe thru your nose.

“I do think it was worth it.

“It was breathtaking.”

Another user who was in the queue confirmed the smell was less than desirable.

They posted: “I am making progress, honest.

“Maybe only another 10 rows of snaking paths till I reach end of Gardens and – apparently – a single straight line towards Palace itself and security.

“Only -ve so far is the smell of portaloos when queue snakes past them (sic).”

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And a third posted: “the views whilst you queue are stunning – until you get to the zigzags and have to stare at and smell the portaloos every time you get to the end of yet another row!”

Access to the coffin in Westminster Hall is be open to the public, but mourners have been warned there will be huge queues that may see people forced to wait overnight to catch glimpse.

There will also be little chance to rest in the queue as it will be constantly moving.

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A million members of the public are expected to travel to London to pay their final respects to Her Majesty. The Lying-in-State began at 5pm yesterday (September 14).

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan said: “Queues could be up to 30 hours as we are obviously expecting and planning for unprecedented demand.”

Everyone attending will have to go through airport-style security, will only be allowed to bring one small bag, and will have to switch off their phones, be silent inside the palace and wear respectful clothes.

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