Queen’s guard shouts ‘get out’ at souvenir shop worker he mistook for intruder

A lady got the fright of her life after a member of the Queen's Guard, armed with a sword, shouted at her after mistaking her for an intruder after a colleague roared at a tourist when she touched his horse.

Viral footage, posted two days ago, showed the latest incident, starting with the guard marching along with a woman walking closely behind him.

Believing her to be an intruder following him into private areas, the guard turned and yelled "GET OUT" at the woman.

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However, he soon noticed that the woman wasn't an intruding tourist and that she worked in the merchandise stand. He quickly flashed her an apologetic smile when he realised his mistake.

The Queen's Guard are charged with protecting official royal residences and have done so for more than 350 years. Many of the guards will have served the country overseas before joining The Queen's Guard.

Earlier this month, a woman was screamed at by a member of the Queen's guard when she touched the reigns on his horse.

The video, which was shared by Ethan (@_phigs), shows his blonde step-mum moving to stand next to the soldier who was mounted on top of a tall black horse outside of Buckingham Palace after waiting in line to pose for a photo.

But while she was posing for a picture, she reached over to grab the horse's reins, making the animal visibly nervous.

Then, the soldier yelled: "Stand back from the Queen's lifeguard, don't touch the reins!"

The tourist jumped and quickly moved away after being shocked by the incident which has sparked Ethan's vow to never return to London as a result.

The caption said: "We Will Never Return To London After This Incident."

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In December, a member of the Queen's Guard was filmed knocking over a young boy in front of a horrified crowd during a patrol march at the Tower of London.

The soldier, a Coldstream Guard – a division with a ceremonial role of providing protection for royal palaces – is filmed marching before a child appears to step out in front of him.

The guard can be heard shouting to warn him to get out of the way but the child is looking in the opposite direction and appears to be knocked to the ground.

As the soldier stumbles to try to miss the boy, he appears to tread on his foot before continuing to march with a fellow soldier.


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