Queen’s ‘strict dinner table rule’ as she bans Prince George from using item

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Protocol and etiquette play a big part within the royal family and bad table manners is something the Queen especially disapproves of.

And like a good grandmother, she ensures that when the grandchildren, along with Prince George and the rest of her great-grandchildren are over for dinner, they must abide by her codes of conduct around the table.

The Queen is a stickler for one particular rule, where she bans a certain item from appearing, and it’s something that the younger generation are not always keen to part with – Mobile phones.

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Gyles Brandreth, who knows the royals well, revealed this particular titbit when he appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Thursday (July 7).

He said: “The Queen is my role model in all things. One of the things she won’t allow at the table with her grandchildren and indeed her great-grandchildren is mobile phones at mealtimes.

“She likes a formal, and I too like a fairly formal meal. It doesn’t mean to say you have to have a napkin.

“But you do have to sit at the table nicely and you certainly mustn’t eat with your mouth open!”

Etiquette expert William Hanson told the Express: “Traditionally, cutlery is held with the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left, but it is perfectly acceptable to switch.

“The cutlery, though, is still held in the same manner – the index finger goes down the fork, stopping before the bridge.

“For knives, the index finger also extends down the knife, stopping where the blade and handle meet.”

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There are also rules for when you finish eating as Hanson continued: “When a member of the royal family is finished eating, they place their cutlery together.

“If you imagine the plate as a clock face and the cutlery as the hands of the clock, when finished eating, the cutlery is positioned at 6.30 with the tines of the fork facing upwards.

“The cutlery is placed together in such a finished position to alert the staff (and other diners) that you have finished so they can clear your plate without having to ask whether you are finished or not."

The Queen also sets the pace for every meal, according to the expert.

He added: “When dining with Her Majesty, no one should begin until she begins eating; similarly, when the Queen’s cutlery goes into the finished position, everyone else should follow suit – regardless of whether there is food left on their own plates.

“Starting your meal before or ending it after the Queen would be noticed by others. At your own peril commit such a faux pas.”


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