Record-breaking 9ft ‘monster’ fish caught off Scotland bought for £2,000

A "monster" 9ft fish has been pulled out of the ocean after it was caught weighing 21st of the coast of Scotland.

The giant £2,0000 fish has been dubbed a "proper specimen" and tips the scales at more than 134kg.

The sea beast belongs to a fishmonger in Manchester who plans to fillet it into 100 portions and sell the meat.

Jamie Barrett, owner of Marple Fishmongers and The Fisherman's Table seafood restaurant in Marple, Stockport, took delivery of the huge fish on Tuesday morning.

He said: "It's a monster, a proper specimen."

The record-breaking halibut was caught in the North Sea off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland, on Friday.

Mr Barrett told the Manchester Evening News that his new £2,000 fish will be filleted and provide about 100 portions.

He said: "I'll take the head off first.

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"They have really big cheeks, which is a really succulent part of the fish.

"Then I'll cut the rest up into 10 really big fillets, which I'll sell on.

"It'll be going in the shop and out to our wholesale customers and it'll be on the specials board at the restaurant today."

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And the fishmonger said customers should go for the catch hook, line and sinker.

"Halibut is a very prized fish. It's going to be a big hit with the customers."

Despite its mammoth size, the monster catch is some way off the world record.

That is held by a 418lb 13oz halibut caught at Vannaya Troms in Norway in 2004.

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