Remembering the 2003 blizzard that crippled Denver for days

If you’ve lived in Denver for more than 20 years, then we’re sure you’ll remember March 17, 2003.

It was the cold and bitter start to what would become the second biggest snowstorm ever to hit Denver.

Over the course of a couple of days, a blizzard pounded Colorado dumping 3 feet of snow in Denver and more than 7 feet in the foothills, according to the National Weather Service.

From March 17-19, 2003, there were building collapses and traffic was completely shut down as Colorado roads and interstates were completely shut down for days.

Denver International Airport was shut down stranding 4,000 passengers, the NWS reported. The familiar tent roof at the airport was damaged forcing an evacuation of the main building at DIA.

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