Remote Amazon tribe take 70 hostage – including Brit tourists

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    Tourists including UK nationals have been taken taken hostage in the Amazon rainforest in a row over a lack of government action following an oil spill.

    Indigenous people in Peru are currently holding 70 tourists also from the United States, Spain, France and Switzerland.

    The group includes a child just one month old, a pregnant woman and an individual with disabilities, RRP Radio reports.

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    A leader told local radio they want to "catch the government's attention with this action".

    Watson Trujillo, who leads the Cuninico community, explained the "drastic measure" was in response to an oil leak in September that saw approximately 2,500 tonnes of crude oil spill in the Cuninico river.

    He added that hostages will spend the night on a boat whilst negotiations take place.

    In a statement, he explained: "We want to to call the government's attention with this action, there are foreigners and Peruvians, there are about 70 people."

    Community members added that they expected the tourists to be held for between six and eight days until a solution is reached.

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    Around 2,500 Indigenous people live in the area affected by the oil disaster, with the government declaring a state of national emergency over the incident on September 27.

    The company responsible for the spillage blamed "an intentional tear of 21 centimeters in the pipeline".

    Indigenous locals had already been protesting the oil spill through blocking the transit of all vessels on a nearby river before taking the tourists hostage.

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