‘Rich kids of TikTok’ as young as two-years-old make thousands from every video

Meet the child stars of TikTok on their way to being social media multi-millionaires thanks to their huge followings.

Kids from around the world are cashing in as thousands of pounds per sponsored post uploaded to the popular video-sharing platform.

With the number of videos shared every month tallied up, the potential income of each child TikTok star has been predicted and compared by money.co.uk, to the average monthly wage of workers in their country.

American teenager Charli D’Amelio leads the charge of money-spinning TikTokers under the age of 18 with a jaw-dropping estimated income of nearly £3 million per month, The Sun reports.

The more followers a content creator has, the more they can charge businesses hoping to reach their audience.

At just six-years-old Sadim Khan is predicted to earn almost 460 times the average salary in his native India.

His @sadim03 account is thought by the experts at money.co.uk to bring in £150,000 monthly which is followed closely behind by fellow Indian Samayra Narula, also six.

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Anastasia Radzinskaya, seven, from Russia has become a social media star thanks to videos of her singing and playing games with her dad in Russia.

Her estimated £120,000 a month is 265 times the Russian average salary.

Little Lizzie Britis is Brazil's biggest child TikTok earner according to the new research which values her monthly income at a healthy £50,000.

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Money.co.uk ranks Charli D’Amelio, 17, top for earning potential as her eye-watering salary is reportedly 1,000 times the average American.

A predicted monthly income of £628,000 puts Liza Anokhina, who is also from the US, in second place on the TikTok kids wealth list.

Calling one of the greatest basketball players of all time dad has certainly helped Lebron James Jr, aka @bronny, become rich and famous in his own right.

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The youngster is able to make over £113,000 each month from his TikTok account, the study says.

Finally 17-year-old Leni Klum, also from the States has predicted earnings which is tally up to being 277% more than the average American salary.

At the same time a new TikTok trend of users pretending to commit 'murder', has been questioned by a psychologist who claims it could potentially 'glamorise' violence.

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