Rotorua high school briefly put in lockdown after alleged sighting of offenders with firearms

John Paul College in Rotorua was briefly forced to enter lockdown this afternoon after students allegedly spotted people nearby wielding firearms.

Principal Patrick Walsh told the Rotorua Daily Post all students and staff were safe.

Police received a report about the alleged sighting just before 1pm and advised the school to enter lockdown.

“Students reported that they saw youths with that they thought were guns in the reserve near Fordlands,” Walsh said.

“They reported to senior management and they thought as a precaution to call the police.”

The alleged youths carrying firearms were in Recreation Reserve, not on school property.

However, the lockdown has since ended and no items of interest were found, a police spokesperson said.

Police advised the school to go into lockdown after the alleged sighting was reported to them.

“I just want to stress students and staff are safe and we’re following the textbook approach to lockdowns,” Walsh said at the time.

“Police and the school are handling it well.”

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