Royal fan who saw Queen’s coffin 7 times slammed as ‘it’s not a theme park’

A woman has revealed she visited the Queen's coffin seven times at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh before Her Majesty departed Scotland for the last time.

Elisabeth Sabey, a dedicated evangelist, said that it was a "once in a lifetime" experience to her and she was "deeply moved" every time she went in to pay tributes to the Queen.

The late monarch passed away at Balmoral peacefully last Thursday – with her eldest children Princess Anne and King Charles III at her bedside.

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The 43-year-old travelled from the Isle of Lewis and started queuing at 5pm the day before the royal procession and by 6.30am, she had already been through the cathedral for five times.

She told BBC: "It's beautiful when you enter into the Cathedral, it's the atmosphere, the presence, there's something of definitely the divine there.

"It's beyond words and I feel deeply moved every time I go through. I wouldn't miss it so every time I've gone back again and again.

"Queen Elizabeth II was such a notable irreplaceable and I wanted to pay my respects but it was more than that, it was an experience I just didn't want to miss.

"Every time I've gone back, it's deepened and it's been so beautiful."

Ms Sabey described the different scenes she saw when she went in, adding: "They've been praying or they've been changing the guards around her, it's a once in a lifetime experience.

"I am a Christian, a really strong Christian, and [the Queen] lived her life, faith was central to her life and essential to my life.

"She’s not just a figurehead she’s actually a spiritual representative that actually walked the life of Jesus in a pure way, humble way."

However, viewers were shocked and left scratching their heads.

Some slammed Ms Sabey's act, with one asking: "Is that respectful? No, it's just weird."

"No wonder no one else can get a look in," another commented and a third said: "It's not a theme park and how is it a 'once in a lifetime' experience when you go for seven times?"


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