Royal fans go mad for brave Queen’s walking stick – but not everyone’s convinced

Her Majesty the Queen was photographed using a walking stick as she arrived at The Royal Windsor Horse Show on Friday, her first public appearance in weeks.

Royal fans have responded with delight at the 96-year-old monarch’s determination to keep soldiering on despite her growing mobility issues.

A few disagreed, saying that Her Majesty shouldn’t be ashamed to use a wheelchair if she needs to.

One Twitter user, Bex, weighed in: “My nan refused to use a walking stick. Nothing to so with ableism, she was just a proud woman and was upset that her body was failing her. It was completely her choice and I respected that, it wasn't an issue. I'm sure The Queen possibly feels the same”.

And another took issue with the stick itself, saying: "Nah but why is the queen of England rocking a walking stick that looks like it once belonged to Moses… are times that hard for the royal family these days?"

Friday's appearance isn't the first time the Queen has been spotted walking with a stick.

Her Majesty was seen using a stick in public for the first time in over a decade last October at Westminster Abbey during a service of thanksgiving for the Royal British Legion.

In February, she used her late husband Prince Philip's distinctive plus-sized walking stick at an event marking her Platinum Jubilee at her Sandringham estate.

Chris Varley said it was important that she chose a stick that was appropriate for her small frame: “I am not at all happy that our Wonderful Queen is using the wrong walking stick,” he said. “It is far too long for her and will have dire consequences on her neck…”

Karen McAtamney said that when you’re one of the world’s most famous woman, it’s all about the image.

“I think if you're the Queen," she wrote, "one key question would be: how to adapt clothes so they look 'good' when sitting in a wheelchair and when standing. Another might be about what constitutes a good walking stick holder and how to stand/sit/transfer looking ‘dignified’”.

Adam Cafolla hit out at the people who criticised Her Majesty for skipping the State Opening of Parliament earlier this month: “OMG! Queen uses a walking stick and doesn't make it to engagements,” he wrote.

“I'm (very) far from the monarchies biggest fan, but she's 96, give the woman a bloody break. So what if she uses a stick?”

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