Runaway prison guard and killer lover ‘were ready for shootout with police’

Prison boss Vicky White, who broke her white supremacist lover Casey Cole White out of jail and went on the run for eleven days, shot herself as police closed in on their hideout.

The couple, who were not related, had a massive stash of firearms and had planned a “shootout” with cops, said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding.

The modern-day Bonnie and Clyde had been in a “jailhouse romance” for around two years before Vicky, who was on the brink of retiring from Lauderdale County Jail, said she was taking Casey for a mental health evaluation.

But instead, she went on the run with her jailbird lover. She had sold her £200,000 home for just £77,000 nine days earlier.

Dale Bryant, a lawyer who had defended Cole White in the past, had told local news site that he had been concerned that while the 6ft 9in lag is “an alright guy,’’ when he’s on his proper medication, but when he’s off his medication, he could be dangerously unpredictable.

“He usually self-medicates through drugs, usually methamphetamine, and that’s when things become a problem,’’ he added.

But it turned out to be Vicky that acted unpredictably, choosing to end her life rather than be captured.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters that members of the local law enforcement community were in disbelief after her death.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster,” he said. “Vicky to some of these young guys down there she was like a mother figure to them. Never any indication she would pull a stunt like this.”

When the couple’s hideout was searched, investigators found four semi-automatic handguns, an AR-15 assault rifle and a vast cache of ammunition.

They also found numerous wigs and about $29,000 in cash, Sheriff Wedding said.

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In a dramatic arrest, detective swooped on a motel in Evansville, Illinois where the couple had been hiding out.

As police closed in Vicky and Cole White tried to make their escape by car, but pursuing officers rammed their vehicle and pushed it into a ditch.

“We later found out that [if they hadn’t rammed the vehicle], the fugitive was going to engage in a shootout with law enforcement,” Sheriff Wedding told reporters.

“That action may have saved many of my deputies and fellow law enforcement officers’ lives.”

As Coel White was surrendering, Vicky shot herself in the head, dying a few hours later.

Sheriff Singleton told reporters that he spoke to Vicky’s mother since reports of her death spread yesterday (Monday, May 9).

“She’s obviously distraught. They loved her daughter and this was a side of their daughter they didn’t know,” he said.

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