Russia aiming for ‘double freeze’ strategy in desperate bid to win

Russia aim to demoralise Ukraine with 'double freeze' strategy

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The British military expert claimed that Russia was going to adopt a “double freeze” strategy as Moscow seeks to stop Ukraine’s counter-offensive into the east ahead of the winter. Major General Chip Chapman explained that Vladimir Putin was trying to freeze the people of Ukraine into submission by targeting their energy assets, and explained the Kremlin would like to freeze the conflict and keep it at a standstill where it is at the moment. The British military expert explained that winter might slacken the tempo of fighting but noted past wars against Russia were conducted throughout the winter season regardless of conditions.

Major General Chapman told Times Radio: “Russia is trying to go for a double freeze, the first one is they’re trying to the people into submission by the continuing deep battle against the energy assets.

“And that’s a key thing because the maintenance of civilian morale is of decisive importance in morale, in war.

“But I think that will be sustained because they absolutely understand in Ukraine, that the war aims are that it’s existential for their sovereignty as a nation and the justice of their cause means that they must keep fighting.

He added: “The second freeze is that Putin would like to freeze conflict as it stands at the moment.

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“And from his perspective, the mobilised people in the winter environment might give him a capacity to do that.

“It’s also worth saying that, that doesn’t mean the fighting will stop, the tempo might slacken a bit, but on the 30th of November 1939 the Russo-Finish war began.

“And that absolutely was a Winter war with ferocious fighting for the next four months, so to think that we’re just going to have stabilised lines and local Christmas truces.

“Sort of the Ukrainian new year that, that’s just not going to happen.”

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The Russian dictator has shown no signs of slowing down his war machine in Ukraine, despite facing major losses over the past few weeks.

Putin has been bolstering his offensive by creating a new weapons committee in order to pump out new weapons for his soldiers on the frontlines.

He has even used Irainain drones on civilian regions of Ukraine and on valuable energy infrastructure, backing up Major Chip Chapman’s claims about Putin trying to freeze the people the winter.

As Ukraine has announced that there may be incoming energy blackouts due to damage to the energy grid.

Putin has been compared to Hitler a number of times by military experts since the start of the onslaught in Ukraine.

Professor Bryson told “The use of these drones is like Adolf Hitler’s deployment of the V-1 flying bombs or Vergeltungswaffe 1 (Vengeance Weapon 1) during World War II.

“The V-1 was deployed as a form of terror bombing of London in 1944. Thus, the deployment by Russia of kamikaze drones represents the use of a new form of vengeance weapon intended to terrorise the Ukrainian people and this is counter to ius in bello.”

He added: “The problem for Russia is that there are no satisfactory or justifiable grounds for instigating this war. Ukraine was no threat to Russia. Putin argues that his war is about protecting Russians living in Ukraine.

“This argument then also collapses given the ways in which Russia is conducting military operations in Ukraine based on ius in bello. There is no question that Russia is indiscriminately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure.”

He added: “For Russia, Putin’s war with Ukraine must be defined as ‘unjust’. Ukrainians are responding to an illegal and unjust invasion.

“Ukraine could fall back and let Russia annex Ukraine, but this would be an unjust response to an unjust military activity. The only just action for Ukraine is to defend its people and territory.”

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