Russia tank blows up into fireball after accidentally driving onto mine field – VIDEO

Ukraine: Footage appears to show Russian T-72B3 hitting a mine

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Shocking video footage from Ukraine has shown a Kremlin tank destroyed in a huge explosion after accidentally driving through a minefield. The Russian tank can be seen moving through what appears to be a rural field when the armoured vehicle explodes in a huge plume of fire and smoke. The tank destroyed has been identified as a T-72B3, a more modernised version of the Soviet-era main battle tank, the Russian T-72. The destruction of advanced military equipment is likely to further slow the progress of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as the Kremlin struggles to replace the units being lost on the frontline, creating serious military shortages.

The video, which emerged on the Twitter account OSINTtechnical, has been sourced from the Ukrainian Operational Command East.

The military unit is a formation of Ukrainian ground forces operating in the east of the country where Moscow has focused aggression in the Donbas region.

President Zelensky’s military, bolstered by international military aid, has developed a defensive campaign targeting Russia’s military vehicles and advanced artillery equipment.

The strategy has demonstrated significant success and President Putin’s occupying forces are struggling to sustain levels of military supply according to intelligence reports relayed from the frontline of the conflict.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, Ukraine has made particularly effective use of “Western-donated Harpoon anti-ship missiles.”

An intelligence report detailed an attack against Russian naval vessel Spasatel Vasily Bekh, which was being used by Moscow to ship weapons and troops to Snake Island, a Ukrainian territory currently occupied by Putin’s forces in the Black Sea.

The report said: “The destruction of the Russian vessel on a resupply mission demonstrates the difficulty Russia faces when attempting to support their forces occupying Snake Island.”

As Russia’s naval forces are depleted and Putin’s air force has “underperformed,” greater pressure has been placed on ground troops operating in the east of Ukraine which are said to be “exhausted” and lacking essential fighting equipment.

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Russian ground forces are said to be operating in “increasingly ad hoc and severely undermanned groups.”

As the Kremlin struggles to establish reliable supply routes and continues to deliver outdated soviet weapons to fighting forces, Putin’s soldiers are at an increased risk of defecting from the frontline offensive.

A Ministry of Defence release noted: “Drivers for low Russian morale include perceived poor leadership, limited opportunity for rotation of units out of combat, very heavy casualties, combat stress, continued poor logistics, and problems with pay.

“Many Russian personnel of all ranks also likely remain confused about the war’s objectives.”

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Oryx, a Dutch intelligence defence analysis organisation, has recorded significant losses of Russian military equipment in the conflict as verified through photo and videographic evidence from Ukraine.

According to the most recent data provided by Oryx, Russia has lost an estimated 4,359 military vehicles and artillery equipment.

Concerning tanks alone, Moscow has lost 786 vehicles in Putin’s ‘special military operation’, of which 444 have been completely destroyed with others captured by Ukrainian forces or left abandoned by Russian troops.

Additionally, the Kremlin has suffered a loss of 434 armoured fighting vehicles and 117 armoured personnel carriers.

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