Russian soldier breaks last tank in unit to avoid fighting on Ukraine frontline

A Russian soldier sabotaged the last tank in his unit to avoid fighting on the frontline in Ukraine, according to the country's security service, citing an intercepted telephone call.

In a chat between the father of a Russian soldier and his son, which was intercepted by Ukraine’s Security Service, the young man allegedly admits to disabling the last tank out of ten in his unit.

"Well, thank God for that! Take it apart, hand it over for scrap metal, and stay safe", his father advises him, as reported by Pravda in Ukraine.

On the released recording, the occupier says that his regiment has suffered many losses, soldiers and equipment.

The regiment don't feel capable of taking on the defiant Ukrainians so the invader decided to sabotage the machine.

Last month, calls intercepted by Ukraine’s Security Service revealed the apparent low morale of Russian troops on the frontline in Ukraine, with one soldier calling his comrades "stupid morons".

“Our brigade has totally s*** themselves. There are losses, many wounded,” he tells his wife.

Asked if the losses are a result of someone's incompetence: “The whole army with us is stupid morons.”

“It’s unclear why we are even here,” he says.

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Another recording shared by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, details a man talking to his mother, asking her what is being shown on Russian TV.

“Everything’s bad, almost no one among us is left. They said we will keep going until the very end, until everyone is killed,” he tells his mother.

Asked if his senior officer was still with the unit, he replies: “No, he dumped us yesterday. We’re all dead in the water if he left.”

In mid April, in another call released by the government body, A Russian wife was allegedly caught telling her soldier husband to go and “rape Ukrainian women” as long as he wears a condom for protection.

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In the call, which is in Russian, she can be heard saying: "You go there, rape Ukrainian women and don't tell me anything.

“Understood? The main thing is to protect yourself there.”

And a statement from the SBU on Telegram said: “The wives of Russian aggressors are urging their husbands to rape Ukrainian women.

“This shocking interception by the SBU reflects the moral values not only of the occupiers, but also of their relatives, 80% of whom now support the war in Ukraine."

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