Russian soldier claims troops are being sent to war in paintball vests

A recent Russian conscript thrown into battle in Ukraine was left gob-smacked by the equipment handed out, after he was left with a "paintball vest" to protect him against real bullets.

The move, dubbed "human sacrifice" on social media, was exhibited in a video of a Russian troop being transported on a bus to the front line.

Speaking to the camera, he complains about the vest and the cheap Chinese-made helmets supposed to protect he and his colleagues.

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"We were given super bulletproof vests tonight," he says sarcastically as his colleagues laugh in the background.

The young man continues: "For airsoft, protects against air guns. And they are going to send us to Ukraine with this piece of s***."

He then complains about allegedly Chinese helmets and adds: "They're made of who knows what, nothing is clear."

He goes on and someone in the background jokes: "But who knows, maybe they fight with airsoft guns in Ukraine."

It comes after news that Putin's conscripts were told to take tampons to the frontline to soak up blood from bullet wounds, because of a dire shortage of medical supplies for the army recruits.

At the end of September, a woman officer at an enlistment assembly point was filmed telling the conscripts that they are to be used to soak up the blood in bullet wounds.

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The woman officer tells the reservists in military fatigues: "Guys, don't laugh."

“Ask your wives, girlfriends, and mothers for feminine pads.

“The cheapest ones. Plus the cheapest tampons.

“Do you know what tampons are for? You will insert them into bullet wounds and they will swell there.

“Guys, I know that from [the Chechen War] the cheap pads are used in military boots as insoles. Pads are necessary, cheap ones."

They are also told to source their own sleeping bags and travel mats at their own expense, as well as diarrhoea medicine and tourniquets.


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