Russian soldier has ‘millions’ in life savings stolen after losing phone in Ukraine

Russian propagandist warns 'no mercy' in war against the world

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The contract soldier, called Denis, comes from the Krasnodar region and was on a combat mission in Ukraine, when he got injured and lost his phone. He was transferred back to Russia and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in the Samara Oblast. However, someone in Ukraine later found his phone and used the banking app on it to access his account at the Promsvyaz bank in Russia.

The miscreant was able to transfer 2.6 million rubles (£26,171) out of Denis’ account, leaving the wounded soldier out of pocket.

His wife was reportedly furious and has reported the incident to Russian police, demanding an investigation.

The Russian soldier’s hard luck story did not elicit much sympathy from social media users.

One wrote: “I want to feel bad but then I think of the potting, rape and murders and, well, I got nothing.”

While another said: “I don’t feel sorry for the guy but it’s too bad it wasn’t Putin’s personal bank account that wasn’t drained.”

A third commented: “He’s lucky he only lost his life savings when so many Ukrainians are losing so much more.”

A fourth said: “Payment for the loot he grabbed from civilians.”

Russian forces have been accused of stealing and looting the abandoned homes of Ukrainians forced to flee the fighting.

Reports have also emerged of soldiers raping and murdering women, including young children.

Innocent civilians have been consistently targeted by Putin’s forces, with residential areas in many towns and cities across the country subjected to indiscriminate Russian bombardments.

Thousands of civilians are feared to have been killed in the brutal and savage war unleashed by the Russian president in February.

Ukrainian and international investigators are currently gathering evidence to back up allegations of Russian war crimes.

On Thursday, new satellite images appeared to have identified the site of another mass grave in a village outside Mariupol in southern Ukraine.

Officials fear the burial site may contain as many as 9,000 bodies.

The site was identified by satellite imagery captured by the US company Maxar.

The firm said the images show a mass grave on the northwestern edge of the village of Manhush, about 12 miles west of Mariupol.


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Mariupol City Council said in a statement on its Telegram channel that the mass grave was 20 times larger than one discovered this month in Bucha.

The City Council said the bodies may have been buried in layers, adding that the Russians dug trenches and filled them with corpses every day throughout April.

It comes as Russia continued missile strikes against Ukrainian cities on Saturday.

Both Kharkiv and Odesa come under heavy fire, with civilian casualties reported in both cities.

Kharkiv regional governor Oleh Synehubov said two people were killed and 19 injured, while in Odesa eight civilians including a three-month-old child died.

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