Russian special forces dog betrays Putin by joining Ukraine guard in fight against despot

Russian airstrike hits silo with nitric acid at Severodonetsk chemical plant

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A special forces dog trained by Russia has switched sides to join the Ukrainian national guard. The military canine, named Max, is now training to work on the front line to fight against the very people who trained him.

The training for the clever pooch involves teaching an old dog new tricks as he has had to be taught commands and terms in Ukrainian instead of his native Russian.

The adorable three-year-old Belgian Malinois has been given a new lease on life after Putin’s forces starved him and left him for dead leaving him with nothing but a Russian military hound camouflage collar.

Having been left behind by Putin’s cruel forces the young animal survived by scavenging scraps and rotting food off the ground.

He reportedly wandered through a forest for weeks before stumbling upon a village in southern Ukraine.

Locals took care of Max and fed him until he was strong enough to be taken on by the country’s military force.

After being found by Ukrainian troops, Max was taken under the wing of his rescuers, nursed back to health and began training for a new mission.

The brave canine’s new role now involves sniffing out unexploded mines left behind by Russian forces.

The dog has been snapped in training and is working diligently on checkpoints.

The Ukrainian soldiers now view Max as one of their own having lived a life of torment under Russian troops.

One of Max’s trainers said: “Max has already begun his official duties in the ranks of the National Guard.

“The main tasks are to check citizens on checkpoints and search for sabouters.

“The dogs of this breed, namely ‘Belgian Shepherd’, have a very good, almost perfect memory.

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“Further, we want to teach him the skills of finding explosive objects and people.”

The soldiers described him as a “unique” dog who has already made friends across the army.

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