Russian troops on ‘charm offensive’ with flirty Tinder chats to Ukrainian women

Russian soldiers have been 'bombarding' Ukrainian ladies with flirty messages as they begin to surround the nation's borders.

Women living in Kharkiv, the nation's second largest city, have reported a deluge of messages from Russian admirers on Tinder after forces began to be stationed 40 miles north of them.

It comes as Vladimir Putin has reportedly amassed 200,000 troops on the country's eastern border — and could even send troops in as early as Thursday morning.

Dasha Synelnikova, 33, says she was flooded with messages from blokes named Andrei, Alexander, Gregory and Michail when she set her location to Kharkiv.

The video producer from the capital Kiev told The Sun on Tuesday night: “I actually live in Kyiv but changed my location settings to Kharkiv after a friend told me there were Russian troops all over Tinder.

“And I couldn’t believe my eyes when they popped up trying to look tough and cool. One muscular guy posed up trying to look sexy in bed posing with his pistol."

A screenshot of one 29-year-old man named Alexander shows him wearing a tight stripy blue-and-white vest with an army beret on top.

She also began talking to another man named Alexei, who could be seen wearing Russian combat gear in his profile picture.

He said he enjoyed travelling and would "love" to visit Europe but has not been able to because "no one likes Russia right now".

When she asked him whether he was a soldier with the Russian army, Alexei responded with a cheeky animated gif of Jim Carrey appearing to say 'oops'.

However Dasha says she swiped left on most of the men as she "didn’t find any of them attractive" and would never consider "sleeping with the enemy".

Cyber attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure were reported late on Wednesday evening after security officials from the United States warned that hacking be the precursor to an invasion by Russian ground troops.

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