Russia’s ‘satellite-busting’ laser weapon could help Putin build ultimate army

Russia is close to adding one of the most feared pieces of technology to its weaponry arsenal.

President Vladimir Putin has never hidden his desire to have the best army in the world – despite the fact the prolonged invasion of Ukraine has shown that the truth is far from it.

However a new satellite obliterating laser might go a long way to proving the despot right.

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The new system, called Kalina, will help to destroy satellites in space, and help to keep his battlefield plans – as well as Russian land inside the country – off the grid.

A new report from the Space Review states: “There is strong evidence that a space surveillance complex in Russia ’s northern Caucasus is being outfitted with a new laser system called Kalina that will target optical systems of foreign imaging satellites flying over Russian territory.

“Initiated in 2011, the project has suffered numerous delays, but recent Google Earth imagery shows that construction is now well underway.

“Its existence can only be inferred from a number of online procurement and court documents, which in turn make it possible to find several technical publications that are most likely related to the project.”

According to several reports, satellite imagery from Google Maps shows that the site for the laser was being worked on in 2019, with 2020 images showing that it was more than half complete.

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The Kalina system can beam a shield over battlefields for around 40,000 square miles, and also shoot lasers at spy equipment hundreds of metres in the air.

Russia itself has not confirmed the existence of the system – because that would, objectively, be a bit of a daft thing to do.

According to expert Charles Beames, writing in Forbes: “Operating at the speed of light, Kalina will be able to instantaneously render our most important space systems inoperable.

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“It will require neither conventional reloading nor extensive supply chains like conventional kinetic weapons or missiles.

“It will likely be able to deliver unattributable and scalable effects, from temporary blindness to permanent inoperability, low earth orbit all the way to geostationary.

“With no fragmentation, plume, or contrail, a Kalina strike will be completely deniable when confronted because attribution will be nearly impossible, presenting diplomatic challenges akin to cyberattacks.”

The system could be turned on before the end of 2023.

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