Saskatchewan premier “thankful” to hear Trudeau call for end to Wet’suwet’en barricades

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said he is thankful that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling for the Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades to come down.

Trudeau, along with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, spent a portion of Thursday evening in a teleconference with Canada’s premiers. Moe has been in contact with Trudeau on the issue since Wednesday, as chair of the Council of the Federation.

Moe told reporters on Friday that many of the points Trudeau made in his Friday address echoed the discussion points in Thursday’s call. He added he was “pleasantly surprised” to hear a sense of urgency on the call.

“The prime minister said today that Canadians have been patient throughout this process but that patience is not unlimited in Canada,” Moe said.

“Today we were thankful that after our call last night, the prime minister has moved on some of the discussion points that we’ve had. The prime minister most certainly strengthened his resolve in addressing what is becoming a very urgent situation.”

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