Sex workers struggle as deadly coronavirus hits their profits

Sex workers are seeing business suffer as they struggle with the impacts of the deadly coronavirus.

The Department of Health announced on Tuesday that a further 14 people have died after being diagnosed with coronavirus in England, bringing the death toll in the UK to 71.

Cam girls and adult performers are enjoying a boom in business as quarantined customers make the most of their services.

But prostitutes have not been as lucky.

Cancellations of business travellers and conferences are "really starting to add up” for the sex industry.

Now, sex worker rights activist and advocate Kate D’Adamo has written about the issue.

She said: "With the world’s first global pandemic in over 10 years, sex workers are responding to a situation already cloaked in health fears, hysteria, insufficient institutional response.

"For people who operate in a non-essential services market, which often includes intimate physical contact, the impact has been broad.

“In efforts to limit the physical spread of the virus, many companies, including Twitter, Google and Facebook (as well as the federal government), have all restricted employee travel in various ways.

"For areas of the adult entertainment industry, who are often reliant on conferences and travellers, these cancellations are really starting to add up.”

“My bottom line has taken the hit too, you just won’t see it in Forbes,” notes one New York-based provider.

Above all, the workers’ health remains their top priority.

Seattle-based provider Solana Sparks said: “I’m forgiving all last-minute cancellations… I don’t want to get sick, so I’ll say, ‘[if you’re not feeling well] please stay home.’”

The world’s most elite sex club announced last week it is closing its doors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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