Sicko builds barbed wire treadmill to train cockerels for death matches

A depraved trainer has created a grim gadget to boost his roosters' ability in barbaric cock fights.

The makeshift treadmill is made from old animal cages, barbed wire and bits of wood and is said to improve the birds' fitness and makes them less likely to back off in a fight.

The brutal gadget's creator has been named in local media as Mr Wang from the city of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China.

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Mr Wang shared footage of a 'training session' on the device on the platform Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

He claims his birds spend up to two hours a day jogging on the makeshift treadmill.

The footage shows three roosters as they run in circles, being pushed forward by three wooden boards that separate them from each other.

Wang said that his invention is meant to toughen up the roosters so they would not back away when their opponents turn aggressive.

Despite most countries having prohibited cockfighting due to its cruel nature, the bloody sport is widely practised around China and is actually legal.

Elisa Allen, vice president of programmes at PETA UK, told Asiawire: "To make the fights gorier, roosters are put through months of work on treadmills like the one seen in this video, chased with sticks, and otherwise harassed to increase their stamina.

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"During the fights, the birds cut each other, often to death, and sustain broken wings and legs, punctured lungs, severed spinal cords, and gouged-out eyes."

Allen added that severely injured roosters are ultimately left to die in pain.

PETA Asia is appealing to the Chinese authorities to implement stronger animal protection legislation.

In February, a rooster with a knife strapped to its leg in preparation for an illegal cockfight killed its owner after stabbing him in the groin.

AFP reported that the bird caused fatal injuries to its owner's groin as it scrambled for freedom with the blade still attached. The bloke was rushed to hospital but bled out from his injuries before he arrived.

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