Sicko sent vid of him squatting on sex toy while moaning to woman ‘by mistake’

A bloke sent a video of himself squatting on a sex toy while moaning and groaning to a council worker by mistake, a court has heard.

Father-of-three Leigh Kemp had been on a suspended sentence for possessing and distributing images of child sexual abuse when he is said to have mistakenly sent the video to a council worker.

The woman who received the video was reportedly so shocked by what she saw, that she stopped watching after a few seconds and called the police.

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Kemp's advocate told Cardiff Crown Court that the video had been intended for someone the defendant had met online but had been sent to the council worker by mistake.

The court heard the woman turned her phone on after the bank holiday weekend to see she had received a WhatsApp from Kemp, 45, a three-minute long selfie video.

Kemp was seen in footage wearing a wig and floral-pattern dress, with the dress pulled up to expose his erect penis.

The court heard the full video showed Kemp "squatting over a sex toy in the shape of a replica penis" while he made "sexual grunting and groaning noises".

Kemp was arrested and questioned where he admitted to sending the video but unintentionally so.

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Anthony O'Connell, defending, said that ever since Kemp's conviction for possession of indecent images his relationship with his partner had broken down and that he had started to "explore different aspects of his life and sexuality".

The video was intended for a "willing recipient" but Kemp, not being a regular WhatsApp user, sent it to the council worker "in error".

Recorder Christopher Felstead said that while the offending was "frankly revolting and deeply disturbing" and had clear impact on the victim, there was no evidence to say the council worker had been targeted.

The judge said he would not activate the suspended sentence but instead add 150 hours to a previous unpaid work assignment, as well as £420 of prosecution costs, WalesOnline reported.

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