SpaceX ‘Mars-colonising starship explodes’ at launch site

The apparent explosion happened during the SpaceX Starship SN1 pressure test on Friday (local time) near Brownsville, Texas.

A live stream of the test showed the craft rising before a large amount of smoke could be seen coming from where it once stood.

Seconds later, once the smoke cleared, debris could be seen in the location where Starship SN1 stood.

The craft has been going through cryogenic testing – the phase to check whether it would function in an operational setting.

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If the craft did indeed explode, it would be a huge blow for Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Mr Musk, 48, had wanted Starship to blast into orbit this year.

The SN1 is only a small part in the SpaceX founder’s vision, with the eccentric billionaire previously stating that he wanted 1,000 Starships going to Mars every 26 months in the future.

He added there could be as many as three Starship launches a day under the right circumstances.

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The previous Starship prototype – the Mk1 craft – ended in disaster back in November when its top blew off during cryogenic testing.

Mr Musk’s SppaceX company regularly sparks frenzy and grabs the headlines for its tests and stunts.

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In December, Mr Musk’s Starlink satellites caused a commotion after they were spotted above Michigan.

Witnesses claimed they could be reindeer getting ready for Christmas, or even a UFO invasion.

Daily Star Online has approached SpaceX for comment.

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