Spain to let Brit tourists in from Monday in huge boost to holiday hopes

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Brit holidaymakers will be allowed to enter Spain from Monday – offering a huge boost to sun starved Brits desperate to get away from a miserable May on the British Isles.

The Spanish government confirmed on Friday morning that it would follow Portugal’s lead and let UK tourists in.

It announced the decision in an official state bulletin.

Thousands of Brits are now expected to fly next week to Spain, traditionally the UK’s favourite foreign holiday destination, despite it being on a UK amber travel list.

The traffic-light system splits up countries into green, amber and red – and people are allowed to travel freely to green list countries only.

Amber-list countries force people to quarantine at home on their return, and red-list ones mean travellers will have to stay in a dedicated quarantine hotel for 10 days.

It isn't illegal to go to amber-list countries, but people are discouraged from going abroad on holiday as of Monday, when the rules were relaxed.

Just twelve countries made it onto the “green list” but many holiday hotspot such as as Italy, France, Greece and Spain remain on the amber list.

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However, Boris Johnson has previously warned people they should not be going on holiday to amber list countries.

The Prime Minister said it was "very important for people to grasp" that places on the list should not be considered holiday destinations.

While Portugal has given the coveted green list status, holidaymakers have been warned to expect six-hour airport queues as around 3,000 sun-seeking Brits a say are due to fly to the country.

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