Statistics Canada numbers indicate Lethbridge is one of the most youthful cities in the country

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show that Lethbridge is a more youthful city than some might think.

The data on the Lethbridge region — made up of the city and the county — shows the average age of a resident in 2018 was 38.6 years.

“Lethbridge, actually, we are fourth in Canada in terms of the number of people in that 20 to 24 category — so Lethbridge ranks quite highly on a youthful demographic.”

Lethbridge College is one of the post-secondary institutions that sees a lot of that demographic come through its doors, from around the province and even the country.

“We have a lot of grads that come here and they take their education and then they end up staying in the community,” said Stephanie Savage, the alumni engagement co-ordinator for the college.

“About 80 per cent of our students that come through our programs end up staying in the Lethbridge region.”

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