Stormtrooper memorial statue for 8-year-old stolen from Elgin, Ont., school

A wood-carved stormtrooper, that was erected in memory of an 8-year-old child who died of cancer and that is usually stationed at an Elgin, Ont., public school, was stolen over the weekend.

South Crosby Public School posted on its Facebook page Monday that the statue, which was donated by the family of Parker Simpson after his death in 2017, had been stolen from the school’s “Park it with Parker” memorial pavilion.

“It is hard for us to understand how someone could steal something that was in memory of our beloved Parker,” the school’s post read.

The statue and the pavillion cost more than $20,000 to create. The school said the wood statue was removed with the use of a chainsaw.

Much of the pavillion was funded by donations from the school and the community, but the statue itself was donated by Parker’s parents, Sarah and Devin Simpson, in honour of his love for Star Wars.

Global News reached out to Sarah Simpson, who said she and her family were not able to give interviews, but she offered the following statement:

“Our family is deeply saddened that someone would do this to his memorial pavilion.”

The theft was reported to OPP, which is investigating the incident. Now, Parker’s family are asking those in the area to keep an eye out for the statue.

Sarah Simpson also asked people to be kind to each other, and not to do anything rash if a suspect is found.

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