Stormy conditions to hit country as Brits mourn Queen’s death

BBC Weather: UK set for ‘persistent rain’

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According to the weather experts, a slow-moving area of low pressure has been parked close to the west of Ireland for much of the week, with bands of showers and thunderstorms spiralling around the low across much of the British Isles. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Roys said: “Western and southern Scotland will encounter showers Sunday afternoon, so those who plan on going to pay their respects in these locations are going to want to have raincoats or ponchos handy.”

On Monday, mourners in Edinburgh are likely to pay respects to Her Majesty who passed away on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Roys said: “It is likely to shower on Monday morning in Edinburgh.”

According to, on Sunday and Monday, shortwave troughs rotating around the low engaged the moist plume and brought bands of quite lively thunderstorms northeast across England and Wales. weather expert Nick Finnis said: “Storms erupting over Dorset and English Channel formed a line of storms which moved northeast across England Sunday night, bringing vivid lightning displays.

“Then on Monday, a strong line of storms pushed in across SW England and south Wales in the afternoon, bringing torrential rain and even a house was caught on camera struck by lightning in Cornwall.

“Storms then rolled northeast off the English Channel further east across central southern England early Monday evening, with spectacular shelf clouds observed as the storms arrived along the Dorset coast.

“The storms then formed a line and pushed northeast across much of England and Wales during Monday evening.

“A second night of storms for many areas.”

Over the course of several days next week, hundreds of thousands of mourners are expected to file past the coffin to pay respects.

Mr Roys said: “There is a risk of a few showers in London on Tuesday and a risk of some rain on Wednesday, so those waiting to pay respects at Westminster Hall should come prepared.”

After Wednesday, forecasters say generally drier conditions are expected for London as high pressure pushes over much of the UK, so mourners can leave their brollies and wellies behind.

He continued: “At this time, Thursday to Monday, September 19, looks to be rather dry.”

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The Queen’s coffin will travel to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh before going to London to lie in state at Westminster Hall before her funeral.

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