Stunned bloke frees his head from jaws of terrifying crocodile’s death grip

A bloke was forced to free his own head from the jaws of a crocodile in a terrifying incident.

Marcus McGowan had been out for a snorkel with his wife and pals in Queensland, Australia when he got up close and personal with the reptile.

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 30) he released a statement via the Cairns and Hinterland health service discussing the horrific experience.

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Mr McGowan said: "I was able to lever its jaws open just far enough to get my head out.

"The crocodile then attempted to attack me a second time, but I managed to push it away with my right hand, which was then bitten by the croc."

From Haggerstone Island, he said he appreciates the risk and dangers that come with living his lifestyle of choice.

He said: "I live on the Gold Coast and am a keen surfer and diver, and understand that when you enter the marine environment, you are entering territory that belongs to potentially dangerous animals, such as sharks and crocodiles."

Luckily a couple of things went right for Mr McGowan.

One is that he suspects that the croc was a juvenile, and two, that a firefighter pal was on hand to give him first aid following the attack while they waited for the helicopter to arrive.

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He received puncture wounds to his head and hands and lacerations to his scalp from the beast, NBCNews reported.

The very biggest saltwater crocodiles can grow as large as seven metres long – or 22 foot – theAustralian Zoosays. The zoo also reports that crocodiles have been living on Earth unchanged for the last 65 million years.

On its site, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science says: "The Queensland Government is committed to a crocodile management program that delivers appropriate protection of public safety while enabling the ongoing survival of estuarine crocodiles in the wild”.

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