Sue Montgomery meets with investigators from Quebec Municipal Commission

Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough mayor Sue Montgomery met with investigators from the Quebec Municipal Commission on Monday morning.

They interviewed Montgomery after the City of Montreal’s comptroller general filed a complaint against her on Friday.

The comptroller general accuses Montgomery of failing to fulfill her obligations as an employer over a harassment case in her office.

Montgomery says she has been asked to fire her chief of staff. She claims she has not been allowed to review a confidential report into the harassment accusations, and said she has seen no evidence of harassment.

If the commission’s investigators suspect there is merit to the case, they will recommend it head to tribunal.

Montgomery would not tell reporters anything about her interview with investigators.

“I met with them, they told me I can’t talk about it so if you have questions you will have to contact them,” she said.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante kicked Montgomery out of her caucus last month after Montgomery allegedly refused to comply with the recommendations. She says she’s relieved the process is underway.

“I guess they felt they have enough worries to move forward and we will see what comes out of the report,” Plante said. “What I want is the borough to do its job, for public servants to feel they are in a healthy environment.

“I’m looking for peace in the borough, that’s what I am looking for.”

The commission’s preliminary investigation is expected to wrap up quickly.

If the prosecutors find there is merit to the case, they could recommend it head to tribunal. If Montgomery were ever to be found guilty of a breach of ethics, she could face sanctions ranging from a public reprimand to a suspension.

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