Suffer from gas or bloating? How to reset your digestive system

Dealing with any digestive system issues can be not only physically uncomfortable, but also embarrassing. Bloating, gas and stomach pain can interfere with your daily routine. 

Not chewing your food thoroughly, a lack of fibre and raw food in your diet or a possible food sensitivity can all affect your digestion, said Kyle Buchanan, a Toronto-based wellness expert. 

Annually more than 20 million Canadians struggle with a digestive concern, which includes everything from constipation to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and celiac disease, according to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. 

Whether it’s a chronic bowel condition or not, there are ways to help your digestive system hum along more efficiently, explained Buchanan. 

Daily tips to reset your digestive system

Chewing food thoroughly is one way to be gentler on your gastrointestinal tract, and you should generally chew your food 32 times, said Buchanan. 

“By chewing more, you actually produce more digestive enzymes, you get less gas, less bloat, you absorb more nutrients and you tend to eat less overall because you’re not eating as fast,” he said. “You want your mouth to be a human blender. You want each bite to be a smoothie-like consistency before you swallow.”

Increasing the amount of fibre in your diet is another popular way to improve digestion — but be sure to increase your water intake at the same time, he said. 

“When you increase your fibre, whether it’s through veggies or fruit… but don’t have enough water, that fibre becomes really dense in your digestive system and it’s hard to pass. And then you become constipated,” he said. 

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