Super Channel is suing retailers, customers over TV boxes and pirate content

Canadians who bought Android TV boxes from four big-box retailers are among the groups of defendants named in a copyright lawsuit that raises questions about how streaming technology is changing the nature of piracy.

The lawsuit comes from Allarco Entertainment 2008, owner of premium network Super Channel, and centres around so-called “pirate devices” that enable customers to view paid TV programming online for free, according to court documents.

Although the lawsuit doesn’t name the devices, Super Channel president and CEO Don McDonald said they are primarily Android boxes sold pre-loaded with software that enables users to access pirated content.

McDonald says the lawsuit is designed to target what Super Channel considers to be a “culture” of content piracy.

In documents filed in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the company says it has suffered “substantial damages” as consumers illegally access content to which Super Channel has the rights in Canada.

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