Supercar owner who crashed expensive McLaren gives explanation

A driver who owns a supercar McLaren has explained what caused the expensive car to crash into a bus while he drove in Nottingham.

Chris Robinson's car began to roll back down the hill when he was driving up Maid Marian Way at about 7.15am on Wednesday morning after the electrics on his vehicle cut off in the middle of rush hour, Nottingham Live reports.

The 49-year-old managing director of a marketing firm then crashed into a bus which then led to traffic delays in the middle of three lanes.

Mr Robinson waited for a specialist firm to collect the expensive supercar.

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The car, which costs thousands of pounds was luckily not badly damaged.

He said: "The car's electrics just stopped completely, and it cuts out the whole car so you can't even get the doors open.

"It ended up rolling backwards into a bus. It's not badly damaged and will be all okay, it'll probably take about half an hour to an hour to be collect it."

Nottinghamshire police attended the crash and helped ease traffic congestion.

A spokesman for the force said: "The force was called at around 7.15am on March 4 following a collision between a bus and a car on Maid Marian Way in Nottingham.

"There were no injuries to anyone involved and no damage to the vehicles."

This comes as McLaren boss Mike Flewitt has told City AM the supercar manufacturer “probably won’t achieve its yearly goal for sales in China” due to the coronavirus impact.

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