Survivor of sick paedo cult forced to marry leader she called ‘grandpa’ at age 3

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A woman born into one of the world’s most evil cults – which promoted paedophilia and brainwashed its followers – has spoken out about the experience.

Serena Kelley, 38, was just three years old when she was given as a child bride to notorious sicko David Berg, 67, the leader of apocalyptic sex cult Children of God.

Her parents joined the grim group in the early 1970s after it was founded as a Christian family promoting love and peace.

But with Berg at its helm, the group soon turned sinister and cult members were often sexually abused, told to complete military-like drills, or forced to beg for cash.

Now, Serena has opened up about what she went through and says sharing her story has helped her to take back power and accept the past.

She told The Sun: "The sexual abuse started when I was only a toddler – I remember being groped by Berg, who I was encouraged to call 'Grandpa' when I was two, and learning to swim in his pool while an orgy took place.

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"I was beaten and men and boys regularly sexually abused me – it was a part of daily life for me and the other children, and I always felt unsafe."

She went on: "I still have the ring David Berg placed on my finger 35 years ago – while once it was his way of controlling me, now I keep it as proof that this happened to me."

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Brave Serena explained how when Berg died in 1994 – she was just 11 at the time – she had been so brainwashed she felt sad.

After the heinous cult leader’s death, Serena went to live in various Central and South American countries.

Serena has since done many things – including graduating from university in Austin, Texas, to study corporate communications, beginning a career in IT, and completing a course in trauma recovery coaching.

Now, she has confronted her demons and says that today she feels “whole, happy and unafraid”.

She added: "I share my story not just to help me accept my past, but to give me back my power. I no longer feel ashamed."

The hideous cult changed its name to The Family International in 2004 and disbanded in 2010.

Today, it operates solely online and has 1,500 members.

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