Teacher dragged student over tables and chairs before slamming him into wall

A teacher in the US is now under investigation after he was filmed dragging a student out of his seat and slamming him into a wall during a classroom dispute.

Video footage, recorded by another student, showed the bloke grabbing the teenage boy and dragging him over the classroom furniture before pinning him up against the wall.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday (January 11) at Humble High School, Texas.

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Reports say the teenager has been left limping, on crutches, bruised, and with significant swelling, and had to be taken to the Emergency Room following the ordeal.

Describing the incident, the teenager's devastated father Elvert Bolden said: "This is when he grabbed him, slung him across the tables and chairs, and then slammed him up against the wall. It’s very upsetting.

"So is this appropriate behaviour for a teacher? Even the teachers’ own policies state the only time you’re supposed to use force like that is if the student is physically harming another student, or he’s hurting you.

"The English teacher went into the class to tell his 10th-grade son he was too loud and stayed in his face, antagonizing him.

"My son told him ‘you told me to be quiet. I'm not saying nothing else' and that’s when I was told the teacher snatched the chair from up under my baby.

"You see the students trying to get the teacher off of him, and he’s steady yelling why are you putting your hands on me. Then the teacher slams him on the ground and the teacher gets on top of him."

The parents of the student say the video of this happening to their son is hard to watch, especially since it was a teacher who laid hands on him.

Bolden has now called for legal action to be taken against the teacher for the alleged assault, as he added: "I want him arrested, charges filed. I want his teacher’s license revoked.

"I don’t want him to be able to go to any school in any state and be able to teach another child in the event he may do this again. If I would have put my hands on my baby I would have been in jail."

The father also insists his son did not raise his hands to the teacher.

Humble Independent Schools Department released a statement confirming the ongoing investigation into the incident.

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It said: "This should not have happened. It is unacceptable. The teacher has been put on leave. An investigation is underway, and it is unlikely he will be returning when the investigation concludes.

"On January 11, 2023, the teacher was helping out in another classroom when he used physical force to try to get a student to take a seat and listen. These actions are unacceptable and contrary to the standards and expectations of all employees.

"The district has a process for addressing serious concerns which include reporting to law enforcement and full cooperation with any law enforcement investigation. Humble ISD Police are investigating."


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