Teacher’s scary prediction on Putin ‘who never forgives people who betray him’

A former teacher of Russia's despotic president Vladimir Putin has told how he “never forgives” anyone who betrayed him.

And she also claims he was a “hooligan” who “stopped socialising” around the age of 11.

Vera Gurevich was interviewed for Putin's 2000 autobiography called First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

The Mirror reports how in it, she talked about Putin changing once he turned 11.

She said: “Putin himself changed very abruptly in the sixth grade. It was obvious he had set himself a goal.

“More likely he had understood that he had to achieve something in his life.”

She also labelled the leader of the invasion into Ukraine as “sneaky and disorganised”.

Claiming he was a “good person”, she added: “I think he is a good person.

“But he never forgives people who betray him or are mean to him.”

Worryingly, for Mr Putin, his list of people who have betrayed him could be getting longer by the day, according to one expert.

As Russia has failed in its objective to complete its invasion of Ukraine in the 72 hours it had initially hoped, defence analyst Professor Michael Clarke has said that those close to Putin are turning away from him.

Writing for The Sun, he said: “Many of these once-powerful men in Putin’s inner circle are now facing humiliation — ostracised on a world stage and with their vast wealth in serious jeopardy.

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“There are at least 200 significant oligarchs made rich thanks to Putin and his predecessors’ corruption – but they will start to question their loyalty.

“It seems some are already sailing their superyachts out of European seas in case they are seized.

“They will wonder what is the point of having such riches if you are trapped like an exile in an isolated Russia with world cities like New York and London off-limits?

“Banned from the waters of the Med, the Michelin-starred restaurants of Paris and the blackjack tables of Monaco.

“Much like Joseph Stalin, Putin is now completely cut off with his paranoia, and his inner circle of 20 advisors seemingly down to no more than three or four – the rest will now scheme.”

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