Teen mum charged with murder after baby drowned while she slept in the bath

A teenage mum has been charged with murder by police after her baby boy allegedly drowned while in the bath with her.

Police suspect that Anslie Brantley, 19, from Georgia had taken drugs and fell asleep in the bath while her 10-month-old son lay on top of her.

When the young mum woke the baby was not responsive and was rushed to hospital where he later sadly died, reports the Independent.

Brantley's mother Kelli Gordon, 36, was in the property at the time and told police she tried to check on her daughter and grandson but “went back to watching TV.”

She told officers that after around 10 or 20 minutes she heard her daughter screaming after realising her baby was not breathing.

Gordon reportedly began to resuscitate the child before emergency services arrived and took over.

The deputy reported that when he saw Brantley she was sitting with a "towel wrapped around her crying", and “not in a state where she was willing to speak” with him.

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Brantley is suspected of taking drugs before she entered the bath after police officers found methamphetamine in the home.

As well as murder Brantley has been charged with child cruelty, while her mother has been charged with possession of narcotics and another charge unrelated to the death or drugs.

Gordon’s five other children were reportedly taken into the care of family and children's services.

Brantley was denied bond and is being held at Coweta County Jail.

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