Tell Us Your Pandemic ‘Silver Lining’

The coronavirus pandemic has been a time of immense pain and loss. Almost everyone lost something, or someone, during these past three years. Borders closed in countries across Asia and the Pacific, and some have only recently reopened. .

While the pandemic was a traumatic time, it also made room for change, offering surprising and hopeful moments. Parents welcomed their adult children back for unexpected, joyful months. Toxic relationships ended. Jobs changed. Communities came together and endured.

Three years after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic, and as the final pandemic restrictions fall across Asia, we’re asking readers to look back on their pandemic experiences. We’d like to know: What are your silver linings — the positive changes or developments — that were brought about by the pandemic?

If you’d like to tell us your story, you can fill out this form. We may use your response in future editions of the Asia Pacific Morning Briefing.

Pandemic silver linings

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