Temperature near me: How hot is it near YOU?

Temperatures in the UK have spiked above the monthly average this week, marking the third heatwave of 2020. The intense heat has already prompted highs of 31C, and the mercury could rise to 33C and over today. However, the conditions will vary depending on where people live, and some areas may see thunderstorms.

How hot is it near you?

Temperatures will nearly meet the June maximum in some places today, while others suffer under rampant thunderstorms.

The highest ever recorded for the time of year was in Southampton on June 28, 1976, when meteorologists saw highs of 35.6C.

Today’s conditions will push close to the maximum, with up to 34C possible.


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People can check their local temperature online by typing “temperature near me” into Google.

Anyone searching for more information can go to the Met Office website and type in their postcode.

Doing so will bring up a local forecast, explaining maximum temperatures, minimums, pollen count and humidity.

They have also included a map showing the top temperatures in each region, showing what people should expect where they live today and tomorrow.

The hottest parts of the country will be Wales and the West Midlands.

There, temperatures could rise as high as 33 or 34C, and there is a slight chance they may reach 35C.

Wales may see its local maximum temperature of 33.7C in June 2000 exceeded.

However, the conditions won’t last long, as the heat will slowly dissipate over the next few days, giving way to thunderstorms.


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  • UK weather forecast: Lightning storms to strike as temperatures plunge

The Met Office has issued several thunderstorm warnings for the country, starting from today and lasting until the weekend.

Several of these warn of flooding and torrential rain, with the possibility inches could fall in just an hour.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Steve Willington said the incoming severe weather is a direct result of the high temperatures.

He said: “Although many areas will enjoy dry and sunny weather over the next few days, the high temperatures will trigger thunderstorms which may cause flooding and disruption in a few places.”

“On Thursday thunderstorms could break out over Wales and Scotland from late afternoon and then across southwest England and Northern Ireland later in the evening.

“On Friday thunderstorms could break out more widely across Scotland, England and Wales.

“Where thunderstorms do occur, they will develop quickly with intense rainfall of 30 to 50 mm in just a few hours with lightning an additional hazard.

“As such, we’re urging people to continue to check the forecast and app for updates over the next few days.”

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