Terrified girl runs for her life after spotting shark coming close to her

A mum had the shock of her life when she spotted a shark swimming close to her daughter just a few metres out to sea off a beach.

Nicole Oister and her 11-year-old daughter Sara were having a dip in the cool waters at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on Monday, August 23.

While trying to capture the moment as Sara gets on a boogie board, she ended up recording Sara running for her life when a small shark swam close to her.

Posting the close encounter on Instagram, the terrified mum wrote: "Baby shark coming from left side towards Sara!"

Sara is seen lying on the board, half submerged in the water as she waits for the wave.

But seconds later, she notices a small shark fin moving fast to her right and quickly gets up, running towards the shore.

Nicole told Good Morning America that her family was visiting the area from New York and she shared the clip online thinking it was a "cool video".

"We’ve had friends who were out to eat like, ‘Oh my God, we just saw you on TV,’" Nicole said.

"So that’s been crazy."

She said they were thankful that no one got hurt and they’re excited to continue sharing the story.

Nicole added: "She’s nervous for sure, but we know that we’re in ‘their home,’ so we’ll continue to swim with caution."

“I didn’t go into the water that day thinking I was gonna be right next to a shark," the 11-year-old recalled.

Elsewhere in Australia, fisherman Laurie Debono filmed an amazing video of a great white shark just before it began to swim towards a paddle boarder.

This comes after excited tourists watched great white sharks up to 18ft long tear the flesh from a dead whale that had floated to the surface of the ocean.

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