Terrified mum wants to destroy her home as rat invasion has her fearing for kids

A mum whose beloved home has been invaded by rats for the past six years says she wants to “knock it down and rebuild”.

Becky Jackson lives with her two sons in Norris Green, Liverpool but ever since they moved in in 2015 they have been surrounded by rodents.

She says the situation has got so bad that she is scared to go back her house and fears for the safety of her young family.

Shocking footage dated from just last week shows how the huge rats scurry across the kitchen without any fear.

One is seen nibbling on some food that had been left on the counter.

Becky told the ECHO that she has started sleeping at her sister’s to escape the rats.

“I can't even sleep — I'm so used to hearing rats, I started hearing noises in her house and she doesn't even have them,” she said.

“It used to be I could just hear them scurrying in the walls when I was at home, now I can hear them running around the house.

“I catch them on my camera in the kitchen when I'm in the living room.

“They're living here with me. Rats normally come out at night, but not these. These have got brave — they come out in the daytime."

Becky explained she had seen a rat run down her fridge on her camera and, two minutes later, her six-year-old child was stood in the same place.

"That rat could have bit him and they carry all kinds of diseases and stuff,” she continued.

The mum explained that one of her children is on the pathway to autism and ADHD and has been known to play with the rats and poison.

Cobalt Housing Association manages Becky’s property who she claims have not done enough to ensure the house is free of rats.

She believes the problem is so bad, it would be best to "knock house down and rebuild" as she can't pinpoint where the problem is.

A spokesperson for Cobalt Housing Association told the ECHO: "We are sorry for the problems Ms Jackson has been experiencing.

"We are already speaking with her, and a formal complaint has been raised and is being dealt with.

"We have been working with Ms Jackson and our contractors to address the problems, and employed an environmental and pest control services company to provide additional support to resolve the situation.

"A number of housing officers and surveyors have also attended the property to support the process.

"Unfortunately we cannot control vermin living outside in the local neighbourhood, however we will continue to do all we can to seek out any further access routes to eradicate problems, and already have future appointments for property works booked in to prevent any future access to Ms Jackson’s property."

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