Terrifying moment people run for their lives as fireworks explode from house

Terrifying footage has captured the moment fireworks were accidentally set off from a home in a deadly accident that killed two people.

The incident took place at a residential house in Ontario in Los Angeles at around 1pm on Tuesday (March 16).

Videos taken by nearby residents show the fireworks going off in the air, setting the house on fire.

A large plume of black smoke billows high into the sky and flareups occasionally send flames into the air.

Adilene Banuelos, who shared another clip on Twitter, captured the moment the fireworks set off an explosion.

Nearby residents are seen fleeing in terror and running to safety as the loud bangs shake the entire neighbourhood.

Jennifer Nalbandian, 43, told Los Angeles Times that she was sitting on the couch in her living room when the initial explosion, which she said felt like an earthquake, shook her house.

“My daughter says to me, 'No, Mom, I think it came from the sky,' ” Nalbandian said.

She began picking up things around her apartment that had fallen.

Firefighters and police arrived the scene to set up perimeter and put out the fire.

They also issued an evacuation order for nearby properties.

An official Twitter account for the City of Ontario confirmed that a large cache of fireworks ignited at the house, setting the residence on fire and smoke could be seen from as far away as Anaheim.

Dan Bell, spokesman for City of Ontario, said two structures caught on flames after the explosion.

He said: "The roof is gone, burned out,” Bell said of the rear property. “The one on the front — I was on the street; I could see flames coming through the roof. It will most likely be a total loss."

Ontario Fire Department later confirmed that the blast killed at least two people but officials have not released their identities.

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