The average car sits in traffic for 43 hours per year and plays over 2,400 songs

The average car will see 30 day trips, 2,496 songs played and 24 spillages in the typical year.

A study of 2,000 motorists revealed the average vehicle will cover around 62 miles per week – 3,224 annually – and see three bouts of car sickness while doing so.

While a whopping 43 hours will be spent sitting in stationary traffic in total across the year.

One quarter of drivers say they’ve also enjoyed key milestone moments in their beloved car, such as witnessing a child’s first word or making an emotional trip to take offspring to university.

Rebecca Adamson, Head of Automobile at Honda which commissioned the research to launch the HR-V e:HEV, said: "Every car plays host to a lot of memories and moments.

“And they are more than just a mode of transport to many, as they see us through key moments in life.

“As the years progress, the needs and requirements have changed – but the moments that happen within them will always remain familiar.”

The study found that the average car is owned for five years with commuting, shopping trips and visiting family and friends the most frequent uses.

And the most common conversations to take place in the car include what’s happened through the day, commenting on other driver’s mistakes as well as other vehicles they see on the road.

A third will also discuss what’s for tea and more than one in five will discuss the day’s events from school with their children.

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a car, according to respondents, were fuel efficiency, whether it is sustainable for daily use and the way it drives.

It also emerged that an average of six cars have been owned in total by those polled via OnePoll – with nearly four in 10 admitting they’re due an upgrade.

Parking sensors, a built in sat nav and a reverse camera were the top things the ideal car would include along with good heating, low emissions and a DAB radio.

And of those attracted to a non plug-in hybrid vehicle, saving money on fuel, being environmentally friendly and no need to recharge were the main benefits.

Rebecca Adamson added: “What’s clear from the research is value for money, as well as the fact that being better for the environment is important to people.

“Technology is also very sought after – which not only provides better comfort in the vehicle but also enables us to develop cars that are better for the planet.

“The Honda HR-V e:HEV has been developed for the next generation of eco-conscious drivers, drawing on over 20 years of hybrid experience in road cars and Formula 1, to provide both comfort and performance, and to produce fewer pollutants.”

Honda has launched the Real World Review competition, giving people a chance to win the new HR-V by sharing their reviews and experiences of the car with the world following a test drive.

To take part, go to

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Top Car Conversations

  1. What’s happened throughout the day

  2. About other drivers’ mistakes

  3. About other cars on the road

  4. How fast someone else is driving

  5. What’s for tea

  6. About what is around you on the road

  7. How slow someone else is driving

  8. How long it’s taking to get to your location

  9. Music

  10. How work was

  11. The latest TV series

  12. How school was

  13. Politics

  14. Football

  15. If you could have gone at a junction

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